Church History

                   Our Road to Present

Our Humble Beginning

The kings highway church started in the year 1989. Our fellowship then, met at the old Mwenderi building in Huruma under the leadership of Reverrend Francis Ranogwa, now Bishop. It was known as Icthus christian fellowship.


      Icthus Cristian Fellowship Church members at  Mwenderi in Huruma





In 1992 the late missionary Dr Jin kuk juu visited the fellowship. By this time the young brethren had already began a youth ministry. Brother Anthony Shivona, now Reverrend he was among the youth back then. Dr. Jin encouraged us to pray to God for a place where we would have a church building of our own

A few weeks later the missionary came back, He had money to pay for a small piece of land, we found two plots One was at Huruma and the other at Roadblock, The youth prefered the one at roadblock . A Seven days complete fast was undertaken. On the seventh day we decided to go to Roadblock and claim the piece of land by walking it seven times after the manner of joshua to the Jerico wall, At the end of the last lap we shouted in unison, “its ours!”

No words can best explain what happened thereafter. The value of the shilling dropped and the money in Dr Jin kuks Possesion was enough to purchase the land we are standing on today.

In march 1993, the fellowship moved to roadblock with a membership of about 20 mostly children.

During that same period we got affiliated to the Assemblies of Christ evengelical holiness church [ACECH] Thus adopting the name. later we adopted the local name King’s Highway Church. The church has grown from the membership of 20 to about 200 adults and 75 Juniour church members.

Our Humble Sanctuary

The land we purchased at roadblock had a saw mill structure, measuring 30 ft square, roofed but with no side covering. This ready structure would be our sanctuary for the next five years… we put on timber off cuts all around for the wall.     



Church Sanctuary at Road block after putting the wood planks






As we launched visitation to families around the locality, the reverrend’s wife

mrs florence Ranogwa had a burden of a bunch of children.

She decided to have a nursery school at the site. 



Mrs Florence Ranogwa ,staff and children at Kings Highway School In Church

 In 1998 the roof was blown away. A friend by the name Dave Boyes with a team from canada helped to renovate the structure with iron sheets both for the roof and walls. The structure was now bigger than the earlierone measuring 30ft x 60ft. this was the state of the church structure untill the year 2011


  Church renovation and extension for the iron sheet structure



                    Church members with Dave Boyes          




Children playing with the iron sheet structure showing in the background. An office structure was also added.



Bishop  Ranogwa with Reverend Anthony Shivona and Reverend Henry Wedende



                  Mr and Mrs Bishop


  The  pioneer members of Kings Highway Church - Road block


The present sanctuary

In January 2016 the church embarked on operation  Roof project [MABATI PROJECT], to overhaul the roof. Our missionary Reverend peter Jeon saw our need of completing the sanctuary and requested that we pray to God to open a door for us. It took us time may be , God was working on our patience.

In may 2017 our general superintendent and Reverend Jeon visited Korea. The Korean oversees mission director visited Eldoret and saw the need to support the project. What you see today is the answer to that prayer and support from Korean oversees mission.

 The church as was projected


      The church as it looks today




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