LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE


                                   Mission Statement


                                                                               Making Christ known in our community and beyond”



                   PASTORAL TEAM


              Bishop Francis Ranogwa

             Reverend Henry Wedende

             Pastor Fred Weswa

             Jimmy Elungata

            Gilbert Abucheri




      Offer spiritual oversight and leadership to the church.

       Coordinate all the activities of all the STS.

       Ordain all the other leaders.

        Maintain the vision of the local church.        




                 Oiokos Ministry.

         School of ministry.

         Men’s ministry.

         Women’s ministry.

         Youth ministry.


         Project and development.




         Service coordinator.

         Sub staff.



         Junior church.


         Communication and data handling.


               Ministry Allocation





  School of ministry


                 Developing leaders through training programs.




Reports to the lead minister.

To advise on the strategy for learning resource provision and to manage its implementation.

To manage the Learning Resource Centre effectively, providing a responsive and welcoming service.

To develop learning resources, in collaboration with Lead Minister.




Ministry materials on Christian fundamental beliefs.




Reports to the lead minister.

Organize local and trans local outreach.

Develop a mission fund.

Plan strategic mission locally & trans local.

Connect with other outreach/ Evangelistic teams for 

fellowship and mission work.

Send out missioners/missionaries as necessary.

And any other as the core – leadership decides.






Men’s ministry


Reports to the lead minister.

Fulfill the five objectives in Men’s ministry.

Equip men to be godly and effective disciples, husbands, and fathers.

Oversee and develop the existing men’s ministry in keeping with church purpose and direction.

Facilitate implementation of the church’s purpose and vision.

Develop and coordinate Men’s fellowships.


Women ministry  


Reports to the lead minister.

Develop and coordinate women’s fellowships.

Mentor and disciple women of the church, helping them to grow spiritually.

Plan and coordinate women’s conferences, luncheons, service project, and trips.

Participate in and oversee special events and activities for women.

Administer the work of women’s ministries by encouraging teamwork and mutual support and by providing leadership for all.

Prays regularly for the women of the church and God’s direction.

Establish goals and objectives by prioritizing related program—keeping fundraisers away from the church as much as possible,managing the use of facilities, delegating tasks, and evaluating progress regularly.

Work with appropriate committees, officers, and leaders to carry out the ministry of the church.


Youth ministry


    Reports to the lead minister.

     Come up with a forum to hold each other accountable in

    behavior for a good witness to Christ.

     Come up with seminars to prepare the youth for family life.

     plan and organize youth ministry forums such as fellowships,

    keshas, rallies and outreaches.

And any other as the core – leadership decides.




        Reports to the lead minister.

        Lead the church in praise & worship.

        Coordinate with the lead minister way before the message so as

           to choose songs that will flow with the teaching.

        To meet regularly for practice and prayer to maintain the unity

         of Spirit.

         Identify new members and recruit them in the team.

         Identify spiritual talent and support it without competition.

         Train people in music and singing.

         Take care of the instruments of worship.

          Organize Praise Galore” & Over - night praise.

           Support and pray for each other.

     Others as the core-leadership deems necessary.


Service coordinator


        Reports to the lead minister.

       Coordinating with Pastors and staff to ensure consistency

       and synergy with all team ministries in the Sunday services.

       Coordinating and directing leaders who assist with the First

       Service. (Worship Ushers, Security, etc...... 

      Coordinate and consult with the service music team and

      Director of Music Ministry.

      The estimated weekly time commitment for this position is

       one week.


 Junior church


     Reports to the lead minister.

     Identify persons with a burden for raising up kingdom

     minded children.

     Come up with a Christian curriculum that will give

     direction to the training of the Junior Church.

    Organize retreats for the children.

    Together with the preteens team raise a kingdom

     kids club.

And any other as the core – leadership decides.








     Small group leaders


      Reports to the lead minister.

      Feed your soul by spending time in God’s Word and praying daily.

      Pray for each group member by name daily.

      Connect with a few group members via phone or face-to-face.

      Unless a personal need has been revealed, the contact is simply

      to let them know you care about them and are praying for them.

      Prepare for the next group meeting.

      Assign responsibilities to the group apprentice that will aid him

      in his journey to become an effective group leader.

      Email the group with any information they need to continue

      their journey toward Christ likeness or any information about

      the upcoming meeting, missional opportunity, or fellowship


      Double check to make sure the person responsible for food is

       aware and is still going to be at the group meeting.

       Prepare the environment for an effective group experience if

       the group will be meeting in your home.


Special program


     Reports to the lead minister.

    Come up with a mercy ministry where the needy are

    identified and support given.

    Build a welfare fund for all members.

    Emerging issues.



 And any other as the core – leadership decides.




      Reports to the lead minister.

     Come up with a visiting program, where every member

     comes to know where the other lives.

And any other as the core – leadership decides.







          To work according to the guidelines and policies and

          procedures proposed by Kings Highway Church Bylaws.

          To receive funds from whatever source, providing

          permanent receipt in a numeric receipt pad, record them,

          and report them to the Church Treasurer, the church and

          its leadership (Finance Committee) as provided in the

          church policies.

          To collect offerings received during worship services at the

          conclusion of the program/event, making certain that more

          than one person is involved in collecting and counting the


          To ensure money is deposited in a bank as soon as possible

          after it is received. All deposits should be made within three

          (3)days of receipt.

          To establish a procedure to collect and record money

          received through methods other than regular offering,

          including money received through the electronic money


          To produce individual charitable-gift receipts summaries of

          all donations received during a calendar year and mail

          with in the first two weeks of January each year.

          To disburse all money contributed to the local church

          budget, keeping accurate records of how money is spent

          with in the approved church budget.


Project and planning


          Reports to the lead minister.

          Identify projects in line with the vision given of God to the


          Come up with strategies for the financing of the projects and

          supervise them to completion.

          Incorporate local talent to make the project affordable.

          Be accountable not only to the leadership, but to all.

          Create project plans from requests. Communicate timelines.

          Input and monitor projects based on priority and available


          Ensure plans and quotes are established and properly approved

          prior to the commencement of work.

          Train, teach, assist and implement aspects of the 8 Church

          Systems and Strategic Plan to staff, leaders and members with in

          the framework of the Mission, Beliefs and the Core Values of

          Authentic Life Church.

          Monitor work schedules throughout project life cycles. Track

          progress. Ensure all tasks are completed.

          Report directly to the Lead Pastors.

          Ensure that all leaders receive timely and appropriate project


          Identify break-downs/problems. Report them to Lead Pastors so

          that systems and plans continue to move forward.

          Lead weekly Project Status Meeting. Attend monthly Leaders

          Meeting when needed.

And any other as the core – leadership decides.




         Reports to the lead minister.

         Leads the church in prayer and intercession.

         Organize and lead prayer meetings.

         Be in charge of prayer keshas.

         Minister to the saints prophetically whenever

         opportunities arise.

         Organize and plan prayer seminars.

  And any other as the leadership deems necessary.







         Reports to the lead minister.

         Assists the pastor with communications by handling written

        correspondence and phone messages.

        Manages the church’s website, newsletter, magazine, bulletin,

        announcements and other publicity.

       Tracks church attendance and keeps reports on file.

       Keeps the pastor’s appointment calendar and the calendars of

       associate pastors and other staff members.

       Ensures that the physical buildings belonging to the church are

       well-maintained by contacting repairmen and overseeing their


       Schedules the Sub-staff who keep the church property

       maintained inside and out.

       Administers the records of the church and official documents.

      Answers questions from members and other staff regarding

       administrative processes.

       Keeps the master church calendar and makes sure there are no





          Reports to the lead minister.

          Develop material such as gospel tracts etc.

          Responsible for Weekly Bulletin.

          Responsible for church literature.

  And any other as the core – leadership decides.




        Reports to the lead minister.

        Responsible for the congregation seating arrangement.

       Direct worshipers to their seats to avoid gaping spaces.

       Recognize and welcome visitors. Come up with ways of making

        the visitors feel welcome, like talking to them over a cup of tea

        after the service. Taking their contacts and visiting them if it is


       Take care of refreshment for ministers.

And any other as the core – leadership decides.




       Protect those who choose not to protect themselves.

       Maintain professionalism at all times.

       Make your presence known by wearing proper security attire.

       Be aware of yours surrounding at all times.

       Deter, deescalate, and resolve any issues that may arise.

       Arrive one hour before anyone arrives at church and stay

       until the last person leaves.

       Meet with all team members and share any Intel, concerns

        and pray before serving.

       Execute an equipment check before going on duty.

       Conduct a sweep of the entire church, inside and outside,

       looking for anything suspicious.

       Lock any doors that do not need to be unlocked.

       Get lock down codes in place.

       Maintain assigned post.

       Maintain skill sets through continued training.

       Report any suspicious activity to team leaders.

        Document all incidents, large or small.

        Attend all services and special events when scheduled.

        Perform all duties assigned by team leaders.




Small Groups


       Resources – Bible study materials

       Protocol in the Cell – 4Ws

       Guidelines - Covenant

       Mission statement (Why do they meet?) It has to be guided by

       the following:           



House identification (Cell to determine)

                             Centered in one place

                              Fish to catch

                              Move elsewhere when necessary




       Tea (Optional and outside the cell time) – 15 minutes

       Welcoming of members by intern (Ice breaker) – 10 minutes

       Worship (The song of the week) - 15 minutes

       The Word – 15 minutes

       Work (Prayer requests) – 15 minutes

       Logistics – 5 minutes

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