This ministry consists of young people, around 50, although only a few are committed to the Church.

It is divided into two:       

            Royals – teens

            Ambassadors – over 18 years


     The Office

     Juma Kevin – Chairman

      Martha Nanjala – Deputy Chair lady

      Paul Looyariani – Secretary

      Stephen Ogaka – Assistant Secretary

     Medline Nzuki – Treasurer



The Youth Ministry aims at impacting the young people with biblical knowledge and sound moral values in diverse ways to cater for the changing trend of the 21st century. Our main aim is to build a youth fellowship.

That has a systematic growth that is permanent and lays a foundation for the future of its youth.

That will be found when needed and champion the cause of the Church through their strength.

That will reach out to fellow youths.

That will provide support to each other and those in need.

That is knowledgeable in the Word of God and is capable of reading  and understand it and can interpret it responsibly.



The above aims are to be achieved through interactions with each other physically and in the social

media platform especially whatsapp. They have several activities that help bind the young people.

These include:

          Annual Gospel music extravaganza.

          Overnight Keshas.


          Social gatherings/Retreats.



The ministry is geared up to change the face of the Church by the young people.

Increase activities that help bring together young people.

We have plans for deeper immersion on Bible Study.

Encourage young people to be actively involved in different ministries.

Forming taglines for each year that will help in gearing towards the youth mission.

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