The children ministry is designed to offer Christian education to our children and young people. It is the most powerful way to affirm the Word of God as the foundation for living the Christian life. It is the place where we teach the vital importance of Scripture to our children  and disciple them in their Christian walk. It is our way of fulfilling the Great Commission of reaching the lost.


Our mission is to lay a strong Godly foundation to our children in every family unit. To  strengthen their spiritual life and in the setting of the entire family and to train them to adhere to God’s Word.


Kings Highway Junior Church ministry strives to be a major turning point to our children to be mighty and strong warriors of faith. It aims at partnering with our local church in transforming our community through the only time word of God and also  beyond.


  Margret Wedende - H.O.D Childrens Ministry

  Pamela Azenga Elungata

  Rose Ambetsa

  Collins Injori

  Paul Punyua

  Brain Karani


Method used

We take different strategies for success.


     Child - Parent

Children/young teens are taught and given assignments to go query their parents at home. They are given scripts with memory verses to go and share.

   Child – Child

Children are taught scriptures accompanied with actions and drawings which they are asked to share with their friend and family. This builds in them the nature of being good ambassadors and messengers of Christ.

  Teacher visitation

We identify children to be visited to make them feel to be part of the church. This makes a great impact to the children and their parents through the love of Christ shown to them.

  Games and sports

Outdoor activities are a big part in evangelizing and playing out the gospel message to the children. It attracts many children not only from the church but outside through the vigorous activities and the joyful noises of interaction. Through this we find time to speak to them the word of God. We use the activities for evangelism as the children compete among themselves. They wear clothes and badges that pass a message of redemption to them. This has helped us preach God’s word and many children have come to Christ.


We incorporate the drinking of porridge as a means of bringing out the element of Jesus feeding the many as He taught them the word. This also teaches the children the need of sharing. Nursing mothers also share in the porridge.

 Other core activities

We teach them to pray and sing. Since our children are very active we teach them songs that praise God, songs that declare who God is.

 Collaboration with Christian institutions

We partner with other institutions which help to enlighten our teachers through training. This helps us acquire more skills to help us be effective to our calling. It also helps in acquiring resource material for facilitating the training.


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